Leon Brooks
Leon Brooks Acum 8 ore
I get he may want to fight twice this year but who? Rob Whittaker I can certainly understand but Till? Till is good but he is currently miles off Izzy’s level.
Sir PK
Sir PK Acum 8 ore
Leon Scott is easily Top 3 WW
Donald Raya
Donald Raya Acum 8 ore
Us Mexicans love real Tru hearted hard fighting Mexicans
Willy Money
Willy Money Acum 8 ore
Why can’t he talk properly 🤦‍♂️
Peaking Mantis
Peaking Mantis Acum 8 ore
Fair play to Vetori for keeping the pressure and eating those leg kicks for the whole fight he clearly wanted to win but mathematically it was impossible
T1256 Tg
T1256 Tg Acum 8 ore
Nate blew it by show boating after that punch, he could of ko’d him
Believe me iggy was very merciful.. if somebody cocky was there he would killed Vittori .. he would have taken advantage of such a level difference
PracticeWhatYouPreach Acum 8 ore
Nate your a fkn legend mate a true warrior just keeps going no matter what
Sean Forbes
Sean Forbes Acum 8 ore
Repped him hard going into this and I haven't been more disappointed by. Fighter many times before
Sabrewulf Acum 8 ore
The so called “golden generation” were a team of individuals basically ,no togetherness and big egos .
OdinReactz Acum 8 ore
VincenzoLain92 Acum 8 ore
I jizzaprove onehundreeed percenht
SEROZY Acum 8 ore
Диаз просто огонь воин!
viagabe e
viagabe e Acum 8 ore
sí se puede!
J Acum 8 ore
Gynomastia ??
Sabrewulf Acum 8 ore
I know Man United fans that don’t support England cos of Liverpool players in the team ,also Liverpool fans that don’t support England cos of man united players in the England team .Pathetic really .
H C Acum 8 ore
lol woman and football
Jorge Calderin
Jorge Calderin Acum 8 ore
I did not like how dana didnt put the belt around his waist . Wtf
Samran Khan
Samran Khan Acum 8 ore
The boos are the Diaz fanboys who only started watching MMA around the Mcgregor Diaz hype train. No real appreciation for the hard work, dedication and sheer talent put on here
Will Russell
Will Russell Acum 8 ore
No one wants to see a champ going 5 rounds, next.
V Acum 8 ore
Edwards to beat mcgreggor
K-nut L
K-nut L Acum 8 ore
Why boo the guy who gave the loser a Beating for almost the entire fight. Leon dominated the big talker, while Diaz posed and waved and did nothing
R A Acum 8 ore
Wtf acting like it's an illegal football tackle. My man could have died !!! I'd be kicking his head in outside of the race track
victor mata
victor mata Acum 9 ore
Bro just stop.
Tom_28 Tom
Tom_28 Tom Acum 9 ore
Adasenya is such an un-likeable bloke, terrible champ
matty b
matty b Acum 9 ore
Izzy took that defeat with so much respect and the end, hats of to him. Jan is also a classy humble man
Zonda Kay Music
Zonda Kay Music Acum 9 ore
Every time Joe Rogan says "Wow" whilst someone is being mowled
idontcareaboutyou Acum 9 ore
LoL Costa will be very happy about having such a big fan. waiting for Paulo answer ))))
Rafael Rafy Burgos
Rafael Rafy Burgos Acum 9 ore
Bravo !!!!
Ben Young
Ben Young Acum 9 ore
This was the only Marvin interview I could find
Limit Breakers
Limit Breakers Acum 9 ore
Se me pone la piel chinita al escuchar las palabras de este vato! Si se puede!! & Si se pudo!!!!!!!
shantikumar singh
shantikumar singh Acum 9 ore
I love Nate diaz
Ari Play RAP
Ari Play RAP Acum 9 ore
Viejo soy el único que sintió las palabras de Brandon bruh I feel that words in my heart
Slick Boxing [Identity Veritas]
Slick Boxing [Identity Veritas] Acum 9 ore
That crowd was sucking Adesanya dry from the opening bell and the crowd can play a part in your psychology
jondoe1980 Acum 9 ore
Anyone who had money on Nate would have been screaming at the TV like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert when he landed that straight left.
nase jones
nase jones Acum 9 ore
Why did they give vetorri another shot that was hurtful
Josh Chapman
Josh Chapman Acum 9 ore
I’m Australian and even I cried
Friendly Homie
Friendly Homie Acum 9 ore
Leon absolutely schooled him, what a performance by him. If nate didn't spend so much time taunting straight after rocking Leon, he could have won in that last minute. I think he needs to move his head more, too. Leons accuracy is amazing, can't just have your head hanging still with him.
Luke Cunningham
Luke Cunningham Acum 9 ore
Great performance by Leon, he looks more and more well rounded with each fight!
Cotto Acum 9 ore
That's the most gracious title fight win I've ever seen
Chris Acum 9 ore
Well done Leon for maintaining composer and rearranging Nate's face
Greg Brost
Greg Brost Acum 9 ore
It was mismatch realy. But also it is hard not to notice: Adesanya: walks into the ring. Commentators: 'woooow! Outstanding combination!'
Virgil Virgil
Virgil Virgil Acum 9 ore
As skilled as Adesanya is, his fights are the most boring of all events, a champion that only keeps his belt, shows no commitment to entertain the crowd at all. Back to ONE fights.
Ba William
Ba William Acum 9 ore
Next fight give him a brick and an axe and he'll still complain
DNL lingo
DNL lingo Acum 9 ore
The predictions are fun to listen too but It's really just cap,which pro didn't pick figueiredo to beat Moreno?
Kenneth Hewish
Kenneth Hewish Acum 9 ore
This bloke is awesome I can't stop watching him. But can the commentators please stop with the bias on all these fight's?? Yes Reyes done brilliant but come on jiri prochazka is amazing.
king Ragnar
king Ragnar Acum 9 ore
Love all the content shout out from Texas 👍👍💯🔥✌😜 keep it up mates
Exactly what I said 24mins of rocky Painting art and 30secs of Diaz gtn respect bk perfect
Nyc.st3v3n 05
Nyc.st3v3n 05 Acum 9 ore
luminoussun Acum 9 ore
Nate is a tough guy but i have to call him out on how dumb he was admiring his shot allowing edwards to recover. He should of pounced on him but he started pointing and prancing around. i think he blew that big time
The Laughing Man
The Laughing Man Acum 9 ore
Amar Krishna
Amar Krishna Acum 9 ore
This guy will be the next ufc champ. Super dangerous
Stevie Lowe
Stevie Lowe Acum 9 ore
Well done salvia Prague for not bowing to the pressure for a militant organisation
Luke Lucas
Luke Lucas Acum 9 ore
Titrael Adesanya
Zuhud Deen
Zuhud Deen Acum 9 ore
Ppl stuck pn Diaz balls Guy got one lucky shot after having been outclassed whole fight and still could not capitilze on it. He also gassed himself out last minute so next round he wud have gone down as Leon wudv recovered
Black Prince
Black Prince Acum 9 ore
That’s what’s called pitching a shut out. 5-0/50-45
Mr Versace
Mr Versace Acum 9 ore
Why didn't Dana put it around his waist like literally every single other champion
Alejandro Martínez
Alejandro Martínez Acum 9 ore
Mira Saúl (canelo) Álvarez a él no lo hizo la televisión.
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar Acum 9 ore
1:53 Michael is right , it was not that different , Vettori was still the dummy to think he won and the main difference was that this time Izzy played with him for 5 rounds and Izzy got some 🍑 action . I wanted Leon to win and well he won and I think he should bypass Colby , although I want him to be the champ , but it won't happen as long as Kumaru decides he don't want to be the champ , similar to Khabib . And lastly , Moreno , he's the man of the hour , wherever we'll say about him it'll feel that we're not saying enough about him.
Eudon Gray Desai
Eudon Gray Desai Acum 9 ore
Absolutely savage!
Rory Duncan
Rory Duncan Acum 9 ore
Why does everyone keep forgetting about WONDERBOY?!? He's a striking wizard!
P292 Acum 9 ore
What a fight!
mike james
mike james Acum 9 ore
I reckon leon colby would be a mean fight let usman hav a break
Geoff Kirk
Geoff Kirk Acum 9 ore
nate loves being hit
Zoom Square
Zoom Square Acum 9 ore
A bully that got kicked in front of entire world...
fastest eaton lightning in socal
fastest eaton lightning in socal Acum 9 ore
Wow - this got me teary 🥲 eye 🇲🇽 👍
robo0586 Acum 9 ore
Nate doesn’t even care about the result, just loves to fight folk 😅 mans an animal!
Fanatic Acum 9 ore
50-45 might have still been in Marvins favour :D He got dominated, barely touched Izzy.
ThePriceIsWrong Acum 9 ore
Leon is on a huge win streak and people keep telling him hes had a long streak of bad luck. Poor guy gets no love, seems like a solid dude
Snow River113
Snow River113 Acum 9 ore
This result let’s my joy tear come out .
Ricto Ectol
Ricto Ectol Acum 9 ore
Edwards won the MMA competition no doubt. Diaz won the Fight.
Luca RS
Luca RS Acum 9 ore
He could be a good commentator if it wasn’t because of his accent
Ollie Shapland
Ollie Shapland Acum 9 ore
The last 3 are diffrent class